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Trail Maps

2024 GPS Map Update

As previously stated on our videos and social media we will be offered our Digital Maps $1.99 each or $2.99 for the bundle of all three maps. 

If you have purchased our maps when they were free before, and you had done so while signed into and Avenza account, you are grandfathered in and will receive any updates, including this update, for free. If you purchase them at any point from now onward you will also receive all future updates as well with the ability to redownload them.

Again please create a Avenza Account before purchasing any maps. This allows redownloads and updates at any point. We also have no ability to send a copy to you or any new account you create. Do not lose this login.

We hope this helps you enjoy the trails more and we have more planned for future updates so stay tuned!

Digital Trail Maps

1. Scan here first

**Please make a Avenza Account when installing. This will keep your past downloads and purchases, giving access to future updates to our maps.

3. Map Layers

For more advanced users, scan this on Layers tab import screen. Copy this URL HERE for Android import

2. Youtube Tutorial

Watch our tutorial on features and how to naviagate your new trail experience!

**These maps are licensed to you and you alone. As long as it is for personal use you can use them on your personal device/machines. Selling, Sharing, Using Data, or Profiting from our trail maps or trail data is strictly prohibited. We reserve all rights to our Park and Trail Data.

Full Sized Trail Map

Full Size


ATV/UTV Trail Map


Motocycle Trail Map
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