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Hidden Falls Adventure Park is private property, admittance is a privilege and not a right, we reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone for any reason, and to remove any guest temporarily or permanently.

*This will vary on Holiday openings. Check HERE or Social Media for additional hours. Call Ranger Line if you break down 830-798-9434

¨footnote from Rule 15

ºfootnote from Rule 9

13. Fireworks are prohibited.

14. Do not ride in livestock ponds or lakes. Ponds are deeper than they appear. (Recovery is not offered by the Park)

15. Fires are allowed¨. Do not leave your fire unattended. Dead, broken off limbs may be collected along trails. Guest may NOT use chain saws anywhere in the park. (Firewood is sold at the General Store in Area B)

16. Guest must obey Park Rangers directions. If you fail to follow directions, they will ask you to vacate the premises. Park Rangers have full authority, by the direction of Hidden Falls Adventure Park.

9. Night riding is permitted on Friday and Saturday nights. All persons and vehicles must be back at camp or out of the Park gates by Midnight. All other nights riding is until sunset.*

10. Minors 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal temporary guardian over the age of 21. Children 14 and under ARE NOT permitted to ride without adult supervision.º

11. Park in designated areas only. Camping and Parking Tags are Area specific. Please park in the correct Area. Refer to your map and posted signs.

12. LTC (License to Carry) holders may carry handguns concealed or open. You may not consume or be in possession of alcohol. At no time may you discharge your firearm in the park. 

5. All Park Roads are two way with a speed limit of 15mph. Ride with caution. ATV’s, UTV’s, and Motorcycles must use the “A-B Access Trail”, not Park Road 1, between Area A and Area B.

6. Ride on marked trails only. Riding on vegetation is considered “trail blazing” and Will Not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the park.

7. All Motorcycle & ATV riders MUST wear DOT approved helmets at all times. Those riding UTV’s with roll cages MUST wear seat belts. Bicycles are not allowed on trails but are allowed in the camping Areas (helmets are required).

8. Alcohol and/or Illegal Drugs are NOT Permitted on the Premises.

1. There are multi-level riders in the park-not everyone is an expert; be kind be careful.

2. Please be mindful of your noise and dust in the camping and staging areas. Generators are allowed but they need to be quiet. If we receive complaints, we will ask you to turn your generator off.

3. Please keep your trash stowed and disposed of properly.

4. Dogs must be on a leash outside of any vehicle and clean up after.

We want your experience at Hidden Falls to be a wonderful one! We offer an outdoor experience not offered at very many places. This experience is shared among all of our guests. This means that we expect our guests to behave in a kind and courteous manner towards other guests and park staff.

Park Rules

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